Remote Broadcasting Without The Remote Box

The Old Way

  • Heavy crates of codec boxes to haul from place to place.
  • ISDN lines.
  • Major telecom geekery required.

The New Way

  • Everything fits into your laptop case or pocket.
  • IP Audio.
  • Made for content creators.

Introducing JetLink
From Logitek

Whether you’re broadcasting a sporting event, a radio show, or you’re recording an interview for broadcast or podcast, it’s simple to send broadcast quality audio live over IP. All you need are two computers (mobile phone support coming soon!) and our software.


If you already have an Audio over IP console system at your station, JetLink will work with your system’s AoIP or AES-67 soundcard drivers, too.

JetLink sends and receives high quality stereo audio using the Opus Audio format from point to point in near real time.


JetLink will offer maximum flexibility. Future features include mobile phone support and the ability to email a link to a guest to put them on the air from anywhere.


Pick the version of JetLink that suits your needs and start today!

JetLink Remote is currently in its soft launch and is FREE to use during this period. No credit card required. Just download it and try it!

System requirements: Windows 7 or 10, 64 bit only

.NET framework v4.6

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JetLink is licensed per receiver.

JetLink Studio (formerly known as Remote) can receive audio from any JetLink client, including Basic clients, and has a built in directory to keep track of your client machines. This system transverses firewalls and requires no port forwarding to receive streams.

JetLink Basic (formerly known as Free) can receive audio from other Basic clients. There is no directory available, so you will need to know the address of where you are connecting. Port forwarding is required to receive streams.

JetLink Web (formerly known as Mobile) is a web based system that is compatible with mobile phones and uses WebRTC. This will be introduced after the soft launch of JetLink Studio and Basic is complete.

We’ve made these adjustments to the product based on the feedback we’ve received during the soft launch. We’d like to thank everyone who has tried JetLink and helped us make it better for broadcasters.