Remote Broadcasting Without The Remote Box

The Old Way

  • Heavy crates of codec boxes to haul from place to place.
  • ISDN lines.
  • Major telecom geekery required.

The New Way

  • Everything fits into your laptop case or pocket.
  • IP Audio.
  • Made for content creators.

Introducing JetLink
From Logitek

Whether you’re broadcasting a sporting event, a radio show, or you’re recording an interview for broadcast or podcast, it’s simple to send broadcast quality audio live over IP. All you need are two computers (or a computer and a mobile phone) and our software.


If you already have an Audio over IP console system at your station, JetLink will work with your system’s AoIP or AES-67 soundcard drivers, too.

JetLink sends and receives high quality stereo audio using the Opus Audio format from point to point in near real time.


JetLink offers maximum flexibility. Need to connect computers and mobile phones? There’s a JetLink for that. Need to email a link to a guest for an interview? There’s a JetLink for that, too.


Pick the version of JetLink that suits your needs and start today!

After an extensive beta test period, Logitek is preparing to release version 1 of JetLink. While we had intended to have this ready to download at the NAB Show, we’re still working through a couple of things. Sign up below and we’ll send you a link to download JetLink in a few weeks.

JetLink Free

Send and receive audio between 2 Windows computers for free


  • High quality Opus Audio
  • Send and receive one stereo stream per PC
  • Maximum bitrate 96 kbps
  • Requires port forwarding to get around firewalls
  • Compatible with AoIP and AES-67 soundcard emulator drivers (not included)

JetLink Mobile

Email a link to a mobile phone to connect to JetLink in the studio


  • High Quality Opus Audio
  • Send and receive audio from web browser to web browser or from web browser to JetLink Windows application
  • Send a link to invite a guest to connect to you
  • Works with Android and iOS 11 phones
  • Adaptive bitrate for optimal quality
  • Directory listing license to receive one stereo stream from any JetLink user.
  • Able to cross firewalls without port forwarding
  • Compatible with AoIP and AES-67 soundcard emulator drivers (not included)
  • 30 day free trial

JetLink is licensed per receiver.

JetLink Free clients can receive streams from other JetLink Free users without using the JetConnect directory. You’ll need to know the IP address or fully qualified domain name of the other JetLink PC and forward UDP port 5006 on each end as necessary.

JetLink Free clients can transmit to licensed JetLink Remote and JetLink Mobile receivers for free. This means that you can buy licenses for the studio end and put JetLink Free on any laptop that you send out into the field.

JetLink Mobile licensees can connect back to the studio either using the JetLink application on a laptop or a JetConnect web page on either a laptop or mobile phone running Android or iOS 11.